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Conference Name OK Women In Ag. Associaiton

Tammy Steele


Oklahoma Women in Ag Association (WIAA) is the 1st Rural Women in Ag association in the United States designed to serve the needs of the socially disadvantaged. The association is working to create bonds of sisterhood in order to empower, educate and develop rural American women as profitable farm and agriculture related business owners. WIAA is an independent organization and is not a subsidiary of any organization.

WIAA believes that true sustainable rural development can only be achieved when there is an equitable allocation of resources and focuses on the following areas:

1. Sustainable rural community development. Strengthen rural communities and families through sustainable agro-ecological agriculture and economic business development.

2. Food and nutritional Security. Use Sustainable agriculture as a tool to create and enhance rural food security, health and nutritional security locally and globally. WIAA will also use these systems to address the HIV/AIDS crisis from a nutritional standpoint.

3. Address the problems of Global climate change on local and global levels. We will use sustainable agricultural systems to conserve energy and natural resources. We will also assist local and global communities develop food production systems which will address the food crisis.

OK Women In Ag. Association uses a multi-tiered approach to achieve the overarching mission of creating and enhancing successful community food initiatives which strengthen the local food and farm economy.

This highly diversified organization plans to develop a reputation to deliver the highest quality professional service under critical time and budgetary constraints.

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