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Conference Name Point-of-Sale Systems for Improved Recordkeeping and Reduced Business Risk: Program Assessment

Shannon Sand, Patrick Hatzenbuehler, John P. Hewlett, Becca Jablonski, and Russell Tronstad


The objectives of this presentation are to discuss the online and in-person training components and outcomes of the multi-state Extension program titled “Risk Management Education on Point-of-Sale Software, Record Keeping, Whole Farm Revenue Protection, and Financial Planning” that was implemented from April 2021 through March 2023.

The online components included the development of two webpages, one hosted by the Local Food Economics (LFE) program (https://localfoodeconomics.com/point-of-sale/) and one hosted by the Western Extension Committee (WEC) (https://pos-systems.farmmanagement.org/). The main materials developed for website dissemination were recorded interviews with experts on different aspects of farm business financial management. The interviewed experts provided insights on Point-of-Sale (POS) system usage for implementing and tracking Farmer’s Market sales and other business data, financial recordkeeping and linkages with farm insurance applications and reporting, and producers with experience in direct-to-consumer sales. Key interview findings will be highlighted, including how producers utilize multiple POS systems to manage different aspects of their farm.

In addition to these online materials, in-person trainings were implemented in Arizona, Hawaii, and Idaho. The curricula developed focused on POS System Basics, Farm Management, and Risk Management. Out of 19 participants who completed the post-program survey, the increase in understanding of marketing, financial, and production risk was over 1.1 points on a 5-point scale for each. Additionally, several attendees provided comments that indicated their intent to implement a POS system after attending the training.

The presentation will close with a description of plans for follow-on activities and enhancing stakeholder usage of the online materials moving forward.