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Conference Name Polarity Mapping:Managing Paradoxes in Family Business

Jack B. Davis


A method to manage the multiple paradoxes that make up the very nature of owning and operating a family farm business. Family farms must be ever more efficient and effective to compete in today┬┤s volatile times.Yet, compromises in focus challenge the very success and survival of the family farm. In addition commercial family farms employee and are owned by multi-branches and generations of farm families. The layers of complexity require sophisticated governance systems, succession plans and creative methods of financing growth. Learning to identify and to manage paradoxes brings value to ownership and to the family farm business.

Paradoxes require patience and novel thinking, not perscriptions to manage. Polarity Mapping is a tool to manage paradoxes so farm families who do not want to and need not choose between their business and thier family.


2012 Women in Agriculture Educators National Conference