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Conference Name Quickbooks for Farm Business Recordkeeping

Jenny Vanderlin


Over the past four years, the University of Wisconsin-Extension (UWEX), Center for Dairy Profitability (CDP), and UW-River Falls have been conducting workshops on the use of QuickBooks (QB) for farm business recordkeeping, with financial support from the RMA and RME. Registrations for these hands-on, computer lab sited workshops were at capacity and evaluations were excellent. These workshops target a beginner audience and focus on basic accounting skills via the processing and reporting of cash records. The goal of these workshops is to improve the basic accounting and record-keeping expertise of farm businesses so they are able to complete more of the accounting tasks, produce more accurate cash financial records (Schedule F) and work more effectively with their hired accountant. This breakout will review teaching outline and manual, delivery method pros/cons and evaluation results.