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Conference Name Reducing Legal Risks Through On-line Education

Seth Wilner


A North East Risk Management Education funded program was developed to address farmers’ requests/needs to build their legal knowledge based on the following tenets: the need to revisit materials, as laws are complex; the need to apply laws to one’s own farm situation; the inability to find a central location for in-person sessions in a multi-state region, and the unique state laws.

To meet these needs, an on-line program was created for five states - NH, VT, ME, DE, and MD. Two highly skilled, seasoned agricultural lawyers developed the legal materials while a technology person skilled in adult education worked with a small team to create an interactive project.

The legal topics focused on reducing risk by understanding laws related to employment, financing, leasing, value added, Agritourism, and business structures.

The project was hosted on eXtension so it can stay in perpetuity and be accessed by current and future program participants.

This presentation will share the results of the program, the materials, how technology was used, recommended changes for future programs, obstacles experienced, and strategies used to overcome these challenges. Participant feedback will likewise be shared.