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Conference Name Repurposing Farm Structures

Eryn Bell, Aaron Smith, and Tori Griffin


Over the past ten years, Tennessee agriculture has experienced a rapid influx of out of state participants in agriculture and rural communities. The majority of these new entrants are small scale, diverse operators, with limited resources that are not familiar with traditional agricultural enterprises in the state. As such, when property and infrastructure is purchased, it is essential for existing assets to be managed to maximize returns to the owner. Producers are quick to realize that lost revenue and sunk costs from allowing structures to sit underutilized on their operations are a financial drain that limits the potential for long term financial viability. Repurposing structures can be a path worth exploring for new property owners. This presentation discusses financial risks associated with repurposing agricultural structures. Additionally, we will present results from a survey eliciting data on repurposed farm structures, costs, and lease arrangements.