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Conference Name Resilient Farms, Families, Businesses & Communities: Responding to Stress

Alana Voss


The University of Wisconsin-Madison, Division of Extension, Resilient Farms, Families, Businesses and Communities: Responding to Stress (RFFBC) was developed to serve as a clearinghouse of all farm stress resources in the state https://farms.extension.wisc.edu/farmstress/. The RFFBC addresses ongoing economic conditions in agriculture affecting farm families and their rural communities, and the associated chronic stress which also impacts mental and physical well-being, relationships, and decision-making. The RFFBC reflects available programs, and articles useful in mitigating the short and long-term impacts of farm stress. The RFFBC connects farmers, agricultural professionals, educators and others with resources and programs that address:
--How Stress Affects Brain and Body
--Your Farm Future
--Communicating in Times of Stress
--Stress Management

The RFFBC was launched in June of 2019 and was accessed by over 3,800 users almost 6,000 times in the first year. The most frequently utilized resources were information and tools for decision making. The RFFBC was also a resource to learn of upcoming programs. People have utilized the RFFBC in all 50 states, with 46% being from Wisconsin. Within Wisconsin, visits to the site have originated from all regions of the state from over 100 communities. The majority are visiting the RFFBC for the first time, while 14% are returning visits. Those accessing the RFFBC on average visit 2 resource pages per visit, resulting in almost 11,000 views of resource articles, each visitor spending on average at least 2 minutes on each resource page. The RFFBC also uses social media to amplify its efforts.