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Conference Name Risk Management Tools and Resources for Western Livestock Producers

Ryan Feuz, Ryan Larsen, and Bridger Feuz


USU worked with Master Stockman Consulting (MSC), RMA and seven partner organizations to deliver training in risk management and crop insurance topics to the underserved audience of livestock producers within the western states. For this project, a Utah based Pasture Rangeland and Forage (PRF) insurance decision tool was adapted for use within Idaho, Wyoming, and Colorado. Additional training on these topics and others focusing on managing production and economic risks were developed and delivered to meet the specific needs of the underserved audience of sheep producers.

Fifteen workshops/webinars were held in California, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, and Utah reaching 742 livestock producers. Eight YouTube educational videos targeting new, small and traditional sheep producers were developed and published and have since been viewed collectively just under 1000 times. Producers who participated in the workshops and/or viewed the videos and other curriculum were prepared to make informed decisions concerning the use of risk mitigation practices including the use of insurance. These informed decisions can lead to increased long-term economic sustainability and profitability.

A key component to reaching the underserved target populations was by providing access to the training materials through non-traditional media such as the YouTube training videos. Additionally, the online decision tool was developed using responsive web design principles and HTML5 standards. This allowed for a single web page to be created that is easier to maintain and update in the future to ensure that the tool will continue to be accessible to producers on any device for years to come.

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