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Conference Name Rural Economic Development Through Tourism (REDTT)

Dora Dominguez


Rural Economic Development Through Tourism (REDTT)

• REDTT is an economic development project, designed to boost tourism development in rural New Mexico. Throughout the West successful farming and ranching enterprises depend on a strong partnerships. In its 13 year history the REDTT project has assisted many small farm and ranching tourism enterprises. The most successful have identified the vital role a marketing manager and media promotions plays in a successful tourism enterprise. Women as the entrepreneur in these growing Agri-tourism enterprises are increasingly dominating the landscape of everything from roadside markets, dude ranch house experiences, hunting and outfitting operations, tour operations and other agri-tourism operations.

• Administered through New Mexico State University’s Cooperative Extension Service.

• REDTT’s service area includes 17 counties, which encompasses a total of 47 villages, towns and cities, 10 Native American pueblos and two Native American Tribes.

Why We Promote Tourism as Economic Development

• In the United States, the tourism industry is a half-trillion dollars-a-year industry and is the nation’s second largest employer with over 15.5 million people.
• This year, REDTT awarded $51,000 to support tourism projects in all 17 New Mexico counties.
• Since the project began in 1992, REDTT has awarded $375,274 in grant funds to its member counties.
• REDTT continues its mission to provide technical assistance through a team approach to rural tourism professionals and volunteers.
• Agtourism or Agritourism

Project Goal: To educate, train, spread information and
assist in tourism development of New Mexico’s rural communities.