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Conference Name SD Farm Stress Survey

Heather Gessner


Commodity price concerns, combined with reports of increased farmer suicides across the nation motivated SDSU Extension to take a proactive look at the stress of SD landowners. The multi-discipline team included farm and ranch management, dairy production, beef production, and family resource management field specialists, as well as our counseling and human development specialist.
Three thousand SD landowners were randomly selected to receive the survey instrument. Additionally, the survey was made available online via QuestionPro®. The survey utilized industry accepted tests for depression and anxiety (PHQ-9 and GAD-7) as well as standard ‘stressors’ to aid in comparison with regional and national studies.
Statistical analysis was done to compare the levels of depression and anxiety with the stress-causers. This presentation will share those results, share which stress-causers ranked highest among the survey responders and provide some insight on how SDSU Extension will use the data in future programming efforts.

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