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Conference Name The Dynamic Marketing Plan

Charlene Andersen


The Dynamic Marketing Plan - This presentation will allow the attendee to walk away thinking more strategically about their marketing efforts and they will learn the process of developing a marketing plan.

A marketing plan is like a map and compass. It maps out the strategic and tactical objectives of business resulting in an improved competitive position. The dynamic part of the plan consists of managing, strengthening and motivation. The ability to manage resources, revenue and risk strengthens one’s competitive position, message and company.

There are five steps I’ve defined to develop a dynamic marketing plan:

1. Analyze This
2. Your Target Market
3. Positioning You
4. Marketing Mix
5. Plan for Action

Often businesses jump to the fourth step, marketing mix, missing the first three steps. This is where business owners pull out their wallet and watch the money just pour out. By going through the first three steps in the marketing plan one will identify which “Ps” in the mix will work for the business thus, reducing risk.

I have developed marketing plans using this concept with farms in New Hampshire with great success. The dynamic marketing plan lays down the strategic foundation and establishes how to position the business (products and services) in the marketplace. A good plan coordinates the marketing mix, assures marketing tactics are consistent with business objectives and gives measurements for determining the return on marketing investments.

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