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Conference Name The Farm Safety Champion: A farmer’s perspective

Carol Peterson


The Farm Safety Champion: A farmer’s perspective

Farming has been documented as one of the most dangerous occupations in the United States. Many injuries and incidents are not reported or are under-reported. In an effort to improve the safety practices on farms, UMASH developed a survey to assist in identifying the person or persons who advocate for farm safety and are the “Farm Safety Champion”. Our research was conducted at two farm shows in the upper midwest to assess participants’ knowledge, perceptions and opinions about farm safety practices, safety culture, and training. The study sought two endpoints:

? Discover what person(s) is the advocate for implementing farm safety practices in an effort to target future outreach and education efforts.
? Identify the safety gaps which occur on farms to target future education and training programs.

Data was collected from farm show attendees who visited the UMASH booth. A 2-page standardized survey was administered via an electronic tablet or paper.

We asked questions related to farm practices, size of farm and demographics. Two key questions offered additional insight into who is the “advocate or champion”” for farm safety.

1. Who do you think was most concerned about the safety of people working and/or living on the farm?
2. Which person is most likely to take action or be vocal about farm safety?

This poster details the results of our survey including our recommendations for future outreach and education.