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Conference Name The Mississippi State Budget Generator

Gregory Ibendahl


Estimating farm profitability for the upcoming year is an important task for farmers, lenders, and landowners. Budgets are used for this task but developing or finding a good budget relative to the farmĀ“s location can be difficult. In addition, a good budget needs to reflect current prices in its calculations. The Mississippi State Budget Generator (MSBG) is one tool that anyone can use to develop a budget that accurately reflects the planned field operations and also reflects current input prices. The MSBG takes a somewhat unique approach to budget development. It uses a database of frequently used inputs and then has users input what is planned for each trip across across the field. While the MSBG has been available for a few years, a new version is being developed that is more user friendly. This presentation will demonstrate the newest version of the MSBG and show users how they can develop crop enterprise budgets for their farms.