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Conference Name Tools for Business Success- The Maryland Rural enterprise Development Center

Ginger Myers


Agricultural and natural resource businesses need be more “business like” if they are to succeed. Unfortunately, other business development agencies and programs often lack the level of expertise in production, management and marketing that the University if Maryland Extension can offer producers.
The Maryland Rural Enterprise Development Center is a new Extension initiative that provides farmers, agricultural entrepreneurs, and new and beginning farmers a much needed business development resource. It is the first agricultural business development web site in the State totally dedicated to agricultural and natural resource business development. It provides both business development resources along with actual production and or /processing advise as they relate directly to agricultural and natural resource-based businesses. It relies heavily on leveraging resources from a variety of Extension specialists both in and out of state. It is a one-stop-shop for the latest and most successful business development innovations and support for Maryland’s agriculture and natural resources enterprises.

The Maryland Rural Enterprise Development Center provides an innovative, 24-7 launch pad that providing producers with a wide-variety of web-based University, community, and professional resources for developing profitable, sustainable businesses.

It also provides Extension Educators and others working to support rural agricultural and community development initiatives extensive regional contacts and access to expertise for program development.

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