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Conference Name Training: A Simple Solution to Complex Issues.

Natalie Gupton


Labor is business’s most expensive resource and the agriculture industry is no exception. Since inception, AgSafe has educated the agricultural community on best ways to train their workforce;
subsequently, this has allowed AgSafe to build strong relationships with producers. AgSafe embodies risk management and we work with our clients on daily basis to provide practical solutions to alleviate financial, legal/institutional and human risk.

AgSafe knows that legal and human risks associated with hired labor are interdependent. Depending on a grower’s labor source, the level of risk exposure can vary. Specifically, when employing H-2A guest workers, statutory obligations within the program elevate a producer’s legal risk far above typical risk encountered with domestic labor. Establishing effective labor management practices and policies will assist the producer in not only mitigating human risk but
can ultimately quantify measures being taken for mitigation of legal risk and reduces personal and business liabilities.

Violations related to the health and safety of a worker can exceed $50,000 per citation. Fines can be extremely crippling for a small producer; many would not even be able to financially withstand a single violation.

This presentation will review three case studies on how proper training and management practices would have prevented, or did prevent, a catastrophic incident in three different operations.

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