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Conference Name Tribal RME Across the Southwest

Gerald Moore


This project targeted many of the Navajo, Hualapai, Hopi and San Carlos Apache producers who want to develop their management skills and adopt a new record system for their operations as a result of the past training. Due to the overall lack of record keeping knowledge across the Tribal Nations, adoption of sufficient records systems requires continued training and support. During the past year, this project offered training to Navajo, Hopi and Apache producers, who continue to express interest in the training. Tribal outreach professionals organized over 15 sessions for producers to learn to use a variety of record keeping tools, including record books and computer software. A local “computer training station” was set up so that outreach professionals could provide follow-up support to participants after training workshops. Producers from all tribes have been and continue to implement/improve records systems to track and evaluate animal health, production, and finances and their adoption will be assessed through personal interviews and a follow-up survey to document successes on the Navajo Nation.

Feedback received from our partners and participants reveal that computer workshop attendees tend to share the computer software or something else that they learned from the workshop with about six individuals. While we had many participants attend computer workshops that had never used the computer before, participants that share the software or information they learned with other individuals may also be reaching individuals that do not utilize the computer for management decisions.