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Conference Name Use of On-line Videos for Farm Succession Education

Robert Parsons


With funding from the UDSA Risk Management Agency and the Northeast Center for Risk Management Education, Extension educators from the University of Vermont and Virginia Tech developed 27 on-line videos, including 20 that address farm succession issues and 7 farmer testimonials on actions they took to develop and implement a farm succession plan. The videos were developed by an extension educator and practicing attorney to provide educational material and assure legal accuracy. The incentive was to provide individuals who could not attend farm succession workshops the opportunity to review educational material at their own pace. Each video is 5-7 minutes in length and professionally filmed and edited by University of Vermont Extension video production specialists to assure maximum viewer interest and educational impact. The videos used a reviewed script and were filmed in a TV studio to assure consistent and even voice. The videos had the sound-tract edited and then developed with changing background agricultural scenes to retain viewer interest. Each topic is very specific, and uses layman terms, yet instructive enough for increased viewer knowledge and understanding. The farmer testimonials were filmed at the farm, include views of several family members, and discuss what actions the family undertook to address farm succession. Copies of the videos are provided to farmers on DVD by request. To date, more than 1300 individuals have viewed the videos, representing 43 states and 7 countries. These on-line videos provide a great education investment that can be used repeatedly for all family members.