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Conference Name Using the internet for information, education and analysis delivery

Ann Holste


Two Web sites are used to illustrate how the internet can be used to provide users with education and analysis. The Ag Marketing Resource Center (AgMRC.org) is a national value-added agriculture center whose primary delivery method is its Web site. Ag Decision Maker (www.extension.iastate.edu/agdm) is a virtual delivery mechanism for farm management and marketing information. Combined the two sites receive about 5,000 visitors per day.

Delivery mechanisms used by these sites include:

1) Information Files -- This includes traditional written materials similar to short extension publications on topics of interest to clients.

2) Content materials at other sites -- A large amount of information is already provided on the internet. Content pieces on specific subject matter topics from other sites are identified and linked to our site.

3) Decision Tools (spreadsheets). Electronic spreadsheets are provided that allow the user to tailor the analysis for their own situation. Decision Tools are tied with Information Files on the same subject matter topic.

4) Teaching Activities. Teaching Activities (quizzes) are linked with Information Files for use by agriculture instructors. The site containes answer keys at a password protected location on the site.

5) Video Presentations. Video presentations ranging from in-depth presentations on specific subject matter topics to short presentations used as introductions to topics are posted on the sites.

6) Webinars. Webinars to deliver specific subject matter content to users is being experimented with.

7) Interactive Tools. A variety of other unique interactive tools are provided.

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