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Conference Name Utilizing Survey Models to Document Impacts for BFRDP Programs

Ken Olson, Krista Ehlert, and Stacy Hadrick


BFRDP has a major emphasis on creating and implementing quality impact collection tools and methods. It can be challenging to gather the information, create a solid impact reporting system, and disseminate results while simultaneously implementing a program. Creating a successful model that delivers reportable results takes deliberate effort and time. We have created an evaluation system that has proven to be successful in both surveying and in delivering feedback from program participants. The method involves a series of evaluations over the programming timeline, that also follows the growth patterns of the participants. The surveys are conducted by a third-party evaluator, which provides the opportunity for anonymous responses and honest feedback of participant results. The process works to uncover short to medium-term outcomes in current programming, which are both qualitative and quantitative in measure. This system has also been utilized over the extended life of BFRDP grants our team has been awarded. Over time, we’ve been able to follow up with original program participants and collect ongoing impacts for medium and long-term changes that have been made. Impact reporting is a critical piece of the BFRDP granting program. With our method, we emphasize grant results and outcomes through direct participant testimony - valuable for securing future grants and adapting our program over time. It has provided strong testimony for real change in program participant growth. 

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