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Conference Name Virtual Education for the 2020's: Beyond the webinar

Mary Peabody and Beth Holtzman


Technology allows us to provide 24/7 educational opportunities to our clients. But in a environment of evolving resources it can be challenging to know how to package our education for the best results. We'll draw from our experience over the last five years delivering online education for farmers that targets financial and human risks that farm women frequently find challenging: business planning, labor management, and negotiation. We'll share outcomes and insights from producer-oriented education, and results and lessons learned from similar approaches for delivering professional development on working with women farmers and ranchers. In this session we will look at several different teaching platforms, explore the opportunities and limitations of each and discuss how combining tools can offer the best high tech/high touch experience for the learner. Bring your questions, your experiences and ideas to share.


2020 Extension Risk Management Education National Conference