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Conference Name Why did crop producers enroll or not enroll in ACRE?

William Edwards


The 2008 Farm Bill introduced a new risk management program for crop producers--the Average Crop Revenue Election (ACRE). ACRE was offered as an alternative to the existing Counter Cyclical Payment program, and protected against declines in gross revenue instead of prices. Despite basing revenue guarantees on higher prices and yields than were used to determine counter-cyclical payments, signup rates for 2009 were only from 5% to 20% of eligible farms in north central states.

A survey will be conducted to find out what factors influenced farmersĀ“ decisions to enroll in ACRE or not, how producers acquired information about ACRE, what their financial risk position is, and what features of ACRE they would like to see changed. The proposed presentation will summarize the results of this survey from up to 5 north central states.