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Conference Name Wisteria Alliance

Dawn Mellion - Patin and Zanetta Augustine


The Wisteria Alliance is a relatively new training series offered by the Southern University Ag Center, with the goal of providing practical, hands on training for women who live on farms, those interested in starting a farm, and /or urban / community gardeners. The program got its name from the Wisteria, a lavender colored, very beautiful but hardy, steadfast flowering plant. The Wisteria’s purposes are many, just like the role that women play in agriculture. All of the trainings are designed for women, and are primarily conducted by women. During the training sessions, we strive to create an atmosphere where women are comfortable asking questions, and learning different tasks normally reserved for men, in a warm nurturing environment.

Through the trainings we explore the five areas of agricultural risk and cover various aspects of farm ownership, agricultural business management, succession planning, marketing and urban / community gardening. The trainings to date have focused on topics such as container gardening, using hand tools, performing farm maintenance, managing livestock and livestock health, adding value to your agricultural products, landscaping, starting a community / school based garden, farming from one generation to the next and so many more.

Evaluations conducted at the conclusion of each training session indicate that the women really enjoy being in an all-female environment, where they are learning tricks, tools and trades historically reserved for men only.

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