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Conference Name "Women in Ag - A Kansas Annie´s Project"

Mark Ploger, Jonie James, and Glenn Newdigger


The “Kansas Annie’s Project” developed as a result of the “Women in Ag” conferences held in Kansas over the past several years. Attendees expressed the desire for more in depth training on specific farm-related issues. The Annie’s Project format was the avenue deemed best for this type of approach. Since the Ag Economics Department at Kansas State University was understaffed, due to budget constraints, a program focus team at the county level was asked to pilot such a program. Three counties from south central Kansas submitted a grant to the North Central Risk Management Education Center to accomplish this task. Topics of discussion, most requested, have been determining costs of production, understanding financial statements, family and employee relationships, farm transitional planning, marketing, and computerized record keeping. Since its inception a year ago, over 70 women from 6 areas across Kansas have participated in the program. Advanced, follow-up trainings have since been requested and are currently being developed.