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Conference Name Women in Farming Discussion Groups: How To

Bonnie Collins


More than one million women are among the 3.3 million farm operators counted in the 2007 Census of Agriculture. The number of women operating farms in the U.S. has increased 19 percent since 2002. Farmwomen trust experience and knowledge of other farmwomen who are in similar situations. As they increasingly participant and contribute to agriculture, their desire to meet and talk can provide a valuable tool to help cultivate themselves, their families, their farm operations and their local communities.

I would like to share, through a poster session, how to develop a women’s discussion group, how to collectively and mutually conduct a discussion group for impact, how the group can form professional relationships with each other and with those in their community, and how the social interaction within the group can become more personal and meaningful.

The presentational will be constructed around the success of the Oneida County Women in Farming and how their past and present projects have earned this group the recognition at a local and county level with community and industry leaders.

Presentation Materials