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Conference Name Women Involved In Agriculture - A Kansas Annie´s Project

Jonie James


This project was funded by a grant from the North Central Risk Management Education Center. The project team decided to use the teaching methodology used in typical "Annies" projects to reach women involved in agriculture living in Kansas.

The project team worked with specialists from Kansas State University, and other local partners to develop and adapt curriculum that was then presented at 3 project sites across Kansas. The curriculum focused on all areas of risk, and incorporated lecture, group work, and hands on examples.

Evaluations indicate the women all developed a better understanding of themselves and how they process infomation. They also developed a better understanding as to why miscommunication takes place between individuals.
The women gained experience using Excel spreadsheets to help them determine their cost of production, and how to use the spreadsheets to help them develop an equitable lease arrangement.
They developed a strong network amongst themselves and became better aware of local agencies and resources available to them.

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