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Conference Name Women Landowner Agriculture Conference- 20 Years Strong

Katie Neuner


For 20 years it has been the intent of the Women Landowner Agriculture Conference to educate women whose lives are rooted in the agricultural community. The annual event focuses on risk management issues that are concerning to all family farming operations. Lead by a steering committee of women who work in the agricultural sector, this event shows that partnerships are a key to longevity. With participation from University of Missouri Extension, Farm Service Agency, Missouri Soil and Water Conservation Districts and women in the agriculture community the conference has delivered sessions on issues that affect the farm and daily lives of our participants. The conference allows learning from each other and knowledgeable speakers. Local businesses that are part of our agriculture community are spotlighted telling local stories of success. Networking with other ladies who share similar interests in agricultural can be critical in an industry that at times can be isolating. We have had well over 1000 participants throughout the years, some even participating every year since the beginning. This poster will highlight the efforts of the committee over 20 years, how changes in the ag industry have affected concerns of local landowners, and while time marches on some things never change.