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Conference Name Working With Couples in Agriculture

Darlene Miller


This session will focus on a program developed specifically for farm couples. There are many programs designed specifically for “Men in Farming” and “Women in Farming”, but there are few that are specifically designed for husbands and wives working together in the farming operation. Farming, unlike many other occupations, involves many decisions that will affect the entire family, including the spouse. Farming also requires extremely long hours and a great deal of stress on the husband and wife. The relationship between the husband and wife can sometimes be ignored due to these responsibilities. The program developed by Darlene Miller, University of Illinois Extension unit leader in Hamilton-Wayne-White Counties, was designed to provide farm couples an opportunity to spend a relaxing weekend together. The weekend included several tours of ag-related businesses and meals. Most importantly, there was an educational session incorporated on the importance of maintaining the husband/wife relationship. The session was developed and presented by Ms. Miller who has a master’s degree in educational psychology and is involved with a farming operation. The presentation was titled “Farm Machinery Maintenance – Or Something Like That”. The first part of the presentation focused on “reasons” it is important to take time to maintain farm equipment. The second part of the presentation then used the same “reasons” to show why it is important to take time to maintain a relationship. The presentation was received extremely well and hopefully will be duplicated on an annual basis.

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