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Conference Name Workshop impacts of Low-stress for Safety and Success “Keeping cattle and handlers calm”

Heidi Carroll


Working beef cattle poses risks to humans and the animals. Proper low-stress handling skills and facility evaluation are important components to maximize safety. Two workshops were completed with 145 participants (CTWD=27, LATI=118) representing 72,601 cattle. Participants believed cattle handling impacts cattle health and treatment costs with an average score of 4.5/5. Positive changes occurred in participants’ understanding regarding the impacts of low-stress handling on human safety (0.8 and 0.1 for CTWD and LATI, respectively) and in understanding regarding the relationship between cattle handling methods and the cost of medical bills or missed work days (1.4 and 0.4 for CTWD and LATI, respectively). Participants’ change in understanding regarding the value of written SOPs and having an emergency action plan was positively changed 1.3 and 0.9 for CTWD and LATI, respectively. Feedback on participants’ intentions to adopt best management practices were positive. Survey results showed the majority of participants (CTWD=22, LATI=85) already adopted or indicated they would adopt using flight and pressure zones to limit cattle stress. Effective use of the point of balance to limit cattle stress was adopted or participants indicated future implementation (CTWD=22, LATI=86). A majority of participants (CTWD=21, LATI=89) indicated they have or plan to evaluate handling facilities. Participants indicated they already or plan to train employees to better use low-stress handling techniques (CTWD=22, LATI= 86). Participants indicated they already have or plan to write SOPs (CTWD=17, LATI=73). Due to these workshops, participants indicated adoption of low-stress management techniques to promote human and animal safety.

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