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Conference Name Your Legacy - You Can Have Some Control

Jeffrey E. Tranel


A legacy is something handed down from one period of time to another. An individual’s legacy is a summation of a lifetime of achievement and the context in which that lifetime will be remembered. The “A Lasting Legacy” courses were designed to help farm and ranch families pass their legacies onto future generations. Workshop participants are exposed to the concepts and gain access to tools and skills pertaining to the first two components of the courses: 1) Values and Life Lessons and 2) Personal Possessions of Emotional Values.

The first Lasting Legacy component presents people with ideas and tools for passing on individual values and life lessons. The second component presents ways to communicate and bring about the transfer of personal possessions. Good communications during a person’s life can reduce the chaos and bad feelings of people fighting over possessions after the person dies.

This workshop uses lecture, discussion, small group work, sharing, and clicker technology to help people learn how to better communicate about end-of-life issues. Participants learn how to use the available tools to better facilitate discussions between family members, friends, heirs, advisors, and others. The workshop presentations are supported with a self-directed cd-ROM and web based course and workbook containing supporting worksheets and forms.

The remaining two components, Instructions and Wishes to be Fulfilled and Financial Assets/Real Estate, are part of A Lasting Legacy Course 2. Both courses are designed as stand alone self-studies, but the authors recommend both courses to people interested in their legacies.