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Joe Sellers, Denise Schwab, Kapil Arora, Chris Clark, Grant Dewell, Russ Euken, Patrick Gunn, Katy Lippolis, Dan Loy, Erika Lundy, James R Russell, Lee Schulz, Shawn Shouse, Patrick Wall, Aubree Beenken, Jordan Harding, Mitch Holcomb, Samantha Jamison, and Colby Redifer ( February, 2019 )


This publication is the culmination of an Iowa Beef Center project that was designed to identify costs, environmental impacts and best practices for Iowa cow-calf operations. The project looked into three types of production systems - traditional grazing, extensive grazing and limited or no grazing - with the goal of developing decision aids and educational tools to assist cow-calf producers across all production systems and improve sustainability of the cow-calf segment in Iowa.


Organization Iowa State University Extension
Publisher Iowa State University
Publication Date February, 2019
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