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Conference Name Adapting and Delivering Farm Business Management Virtually

Curtis Mahnken, Pauline Van Nurden, and Tina LeBrun


Technology continues to rapidly evolve in the world around us. Technology can provide important advantages and efficiencies as budgets continue to tighten and farmers are quickly adopting these new technologies to improve their operations and bottom lines. To date, farm management education is typically delivered in a traditional manner and has been slow to adopt new delivery methods or adapt to new technologies to do the work.

Virtual farm business management education is being utilized by some instructors with great success in their local programs. Virtual delivery of farm management is also seen as a means to expand educational offerings to new locations and with new partners. This workshop will outline the successes and challenges seen to date by delivering farm management education virtually and will even demonstrate the technology at work. We will also outline a vision for the future of farm management education, where programs expand their reach and capacity with the addition of virtual farm management meetings and program delivery.

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2019 National Farm Business Management Conference