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Conference Name Ag Biz- 11 Years of Success

Dennis Kauppila


Ag Biz (Agricultural Business Management) is a 4-day workshop developed by University of Vermont Extension to address farm financial risk. Over 900 people have attended this annual workshop series that began in 1994. University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension joined the effort in 1996. Northeast Center for Risk Management Education has helped with funding for the past 3 years.

We offer 3 to 5 workshops yearly, depending on enrollment. Our target audience is the farm decision-maker; our fee schedule allows 2 people from a farm to attend. Each workshop contains 4 class meetings running from 10 am to 2:30 pm. There is homework after every class.

Participants learn how to prepare a balance sheet and cash flow budget. Now we have an additional focus: computerized record keeping (Quicken) due to client demand. Ag Biz uses the UVM Extension Mobile Computer Lab, also funded by the NECRME.

Limited resource farmers are encouraged to attend to receive FSA borrower training certification. Other lenders encourage clients to attend. Ag Biz has received support from Yankee Farm Credit. Several organizations provide partial reimbursement of fees to successful member-participants.

Of the people who took the course last year, 91% increased their understanding of farm finances. Participants said:
• I can see how Quicken will greatly improve my record keeping.
• I have gained confidence in my ability to run a farm business.
• We began implementing what we learned immediately—these tools will help me to make better decisions…