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Conference Name Ag Help Wanted: A Guidebook for Ag Labor Management

John P. Hewlett and Jeffrey E. Tranel


Ag Help Wanted is an educational guidebook designed to assist every person who currently manages or expects to manage human resources on farms, ranches, nurseries, dairies, and other agricultural operations. The book is a source of ideas for improving management policies or practices, an occasional reference in coping with problems that arise, or a base for systematic study of human resource management in agriculture. It presents principles, practical examples, regulatory considerations, and leads to more references that all help equip managers to make choices that are reasonable, legal, and ultimately effective for both their businesses and the people they employ. Ag Help Wanted components include: the Ag Help Wanted guidebook in both printed and digital (PDF) formats and an online companion website (AgHelpWanted.org) that provides: links to book content, content highlights (English/Spanish), support links to federal, state, and other supporting agency documents/websites, and video clips offering nine sets of brief vignettes that illustrate approaches to one-on-one communication in problem work situations.