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Conference Name Ag Lender´s Seminar

Karisha Devlin, Mary Sobba, Wesley Tucker, Darla Campbell, and Joe Koenen


The Agriculture Lenders’ Seminar is an annual program designed to educate and update agricultural lenders on risk management topics. Topics covered include crop and livestock outlook, trends in agriculture, farm policy, tax laws, cash rent, land values, and budgets. The Seminar targets lenders who are maintaining or developing an agriculture loan portfolio. To manage loans in today’s markets, lenders need to stay updated on current agriculture trends and outlook, and have an understanding of tools and resources available to assist their agricultural clients.

The University of Missouri Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics sponsors a statewide series of Agriculture Lenders’ Seminars in cooperation with regional Extension Specialists. The one-day Seminars are team taught by MU Agricultural Economics faculty, FAPRI staff, Agricultural Business Specialists, and invited guest speakers. Participants benefit from the individual expertise that different participating speakers contribute. In addition to speaker presentations, lenders receive a Missouri Farm Financial Outlook handbook which includes updated yearly budgets for all major crops and livestock enterprises in the state.

By attending University of Missouri’s Agricultural Lenders’ Seminars, lenders have an opportunity for professional development and networking with educators and industry leaders. The Seminars give lenders the tools and resources needed to help their portfolio of agricultural clients in making decisions that impact the health of their farming operations. In addition, the agricultural community benefits from this program by having lenders who are up-to-date on the latest prices, budgets, and resources to help clients manage for risk and profitability.