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Conference Name Agritourism Emergency Preparedness - traditional and new risk management concerns

Julie Fox, Eric Barrett, Rob Leeds, Mike Hogan, and Dee Jepsen


Participants in this session will learn about an education and outreach project for emergency preparedness within the agritourism industry. This project will increase the outreach capacity of educators, crop insurance agents, lenders, and other agricultural professionals who could benefit from learning more about addressing emergency preparedness in their work with producers. Today’s potential agritourism emergencies range from how to manage natural disasters and visitor hazards to how to integrate social media into an emergency plan. The educational products developed from this project include a comprehensive curriculum notebook with emergency planning and preparedness resources specific to various types of agritourism enterprises such as county fairs, events, festivals, and field days; farm visits and tours; u-pick operations; roadside produce stands; wineries; Christmas tree farms, agritainment venues; and farm markets. Additional resources include training videos, webinars, and PowerPoint presentations. Educators across the US can benefit from the resources, initially developed for the Ohio State University Extension, OSU Agricultural Safety and Health, the Extension Disaster Education Network (EDEN), and the Ohio Tourism Toolbox. This project is part of successful risk management education efforts directed toward women and their families who are involved in production agriculture.