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Conference Name Maps & Apps, mobile media marketing to improve market access

Julie Fox


With the increasing number of consumers using smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices to find and interact with local businesses, the Ohio State University Extension provided leadership for a new risk management education curriculum aimed at improving market access for specialty crop producers, small farms, value-added producers and other food entrepreneurs involved with direct marketing.

This presentation begins with an overview of market access opportunities and risks, continues with detailed resources that were developed through the NCRMEC grant investment, and finishes with the initial results from this emerging project.

The team developed comprehensive resources, including a case study series, recorded webinars, conference seminars, an in-depth workshop and technical assistance. The curriculum framework focused on technologies consumers are using to find and interact with local businesses:
• Internet maps (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Mapquest, various online directories)
• GPS (Global Positioning Systems) Points of Interest on automobile and mobile devices (brands such as Garmin, Magellan, TomTom)
• Mobile Applications (Apps), such as social media programs (Facebook, Twitter), navigation (Scout), check-in services (Foursquare), review sites (Yelp)
• Mobile web presence – how the business website looks on a variety of mobile devices, such as smartphones (4 platforms - iPhone, Android, Windows, Blackberry) and tablets (iPad, Kindle, Google Nexus)
• Other mobile media marketing (coupons, texting, geocaching, mobile commerce)

Producer impacts include increased awareness of market access opportunities and risks; improved marketing practices and ultimately improved marketing performance resulting from risk management education. See how participants improved their online presence and market access with Maps, Apps and mobile media marketing.