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Conference Name AGR-Lite-Insurance Offers Unique Blanket Protection

Mary Mafuyai-Ekanem


Small farmers who want to diversify their farming operations can now purchase the blanket insurance coverage on their adjusted gross revenue. Farm operations, with gross revenues under $1,000,000, can benefit from this tool. Producers of fruits and vegetables, direct marketers with less than 50% of sales from crops, also qualify the AGR-Lite Insurance Program. Ranchers can now take charge of the fluctuations in gross revenues, low yields, and poor prices. Dairy farms with sales from other enterprises and organic producers are also covered under this policy. The sales closing is March 15, 2007. The program requires five years farm average revenue reported on IRS tax return (Schedule F) or equivalent forms.

Teams with the Cooperative Extension Program in partnership with others provided outreach to farmers. Their effort enabled the enhancement and understanding of tax forms, farm record systems and sound business documentation for obtaining this risk-reduction tool. Find out how women and other minorities are enhancing their skills and adopting practices in their operations. A poster will feature the latest AGR-Lite Insurance Program and how it works for limited resource farmers audiences in our area. Other features include eligibility, premium subsidy, application process and contacts.

North Carolina A&T State University is collaborating with North Carolina State University, North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Community-Based Groups, Insurance Providers and Research Scientists in enhancing awareness about the AGR-Lite Insurance Tool with target audiences. The program is sponsored by the USDA/RMA/Community Outreach and Assistance Partnership Program.