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Conference Name Alabama Women-In-Agriculture

E'licia Chaverest and Duncan M. Chembezi


In 2004, the Small Farms Research Center was awarded funds from the Southern Risk Management Education Center for education women in agriculture in the state of Alabama. The Center was able to educate and train women on risk management strategies in agriculture. The Center was also able to establish a women’s program Alabama Women-In-Agriculture, Inc. to provide a network system and a platform for women. Once the project was completed the Center’s role change from educating to developing and establishing women in agriculture organizations.
Ten years later, the Center continues to nurture the women in agriculture program from Tennessee Valley Women-In-Agriculture (TVWIA) and Hopewell Women-In-Agriculture Association (HWIA-urban). Both organizations continue to evolve yearly and redefine their role in the agriculture community. The program was developed to empower women through education, involvement and action. The rationale for the organizations stemmed from was once women project and funding is no longer available for this program how to sustain their efforts, contribution to the community, and empower them to be a voice in the community.
The presentation will focus on developing an women’s organization, including highlighting the progress, approach, challenges/obstacles, future interest, its role and impact of women in agriculture organization (TVWIA and HWIA) in the agriculture community.