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Conference Name Alabama Women-In-Agriculture, Chapter Tennessee Valley Women-In-Agriculture (TVWIA) Association

E'licia Chaverest


Alabama Women-in-Agriculture, Chapter - Tennessee Valley Women-in-Agriculture (TVWIA) is an initiative of Alabama A&M University┬┤s Small Farms Research Center. The mission of TVWIA is set to empower women through education, involvement and action. The program seeks to promote educational and training programs to advance the interest of women toward the development of a networking system and to directly target women engaged in the farming community. Specifically, the program┬┤s mission is to promote agriculture in Alabama; speak on behalf of agriculture in Alabama; keep program members informed on legislative activities pertaining to agriculture; join forces when the need arises to deal with agricultural programs in a specific community; improve the public image of farmers, and to develop rapport within agricultural communities throughout the state. The AAMU Small Farms Research Center aids the organization through assisting with organizing and developing the organization structure and through educational and training courses that are beneficial to the women producers (and their families), including their agribusinesses in the organization. Overall, the program objectives are to provide and promote educational opportunities that empower and advance their interests and welfare regarding important issues affecting or surrounding agriculture, educate program participants on agriculture issues, and prepare program participants for leadership roles in agriculture on various levels. Through our assistance, in 2012, the Center established the Chapter known as the Tennessee Valley Women-In-Agriculture, established its organization mission and objectives, shadowed its status and progress (which does include barriers and accomplishments), recruitment methods, and future plans.