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Conference Name Annie´s National Network Initiative for Educational Success

Madeline Schultz


The ANNIES poster presentation will feature information about how ANNIES is seeking to develop and expand a network of educators who teach risk management to women in agriculture. ANNIES developed a program based at Iowa State University to provide central coordination and assistance to educators around the county. ANNIES implemented educator websites, newsletters, and monthly conference calls to help share information and answer educator questions. ANNIES will also conduct five regional advanced training programs for Annie´s Project educators in 2010. ANNIES is focusing expansion efforts in the Northeast States this year and this display will provide a good opportunity to visit with interested educators attending the conference.

The Annie´s Project educator network is a successful model of program development and educator training. Through this network, educators share best practices, broadly evaluate educational methods and content, and duplicate successful programming. Information is shared which improves the quality of educational programs as well as increases the number of programs available to women in agriculture across the country. Expanding this network and providing training and resources to assist the educators is the goal of the Annie´s National Network Initiative for Educational Success program at Iowa State University.