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Conference Name Annie´s Project Follow-up Evaluation Results

Tim Eggers and Mandi Anderson


A new evaluation protocol was instituted for Annie´s Project in the fall of 2012. Data entry and reporting is now conducted by the Research Institute for Studies in Education at Iowa State University. 2013 results of the revised pre and post evaluations were shared with state coordinators and facilitators via the November 15, 2013 Annie’s Project monthly educator call. This presentation will share results of the follow-up evaluation.

Does Annie’s Project to fulfill its objectives? An instrument and self addressed stamped envelope went to 1,240 past participants of Annie´s Project. The participants were from North Central RME funded Annie’s Project sites in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, and Nebraska from 2003 through the most recently NCRME funded program. There was a 12.5% response rate.

Anecdotally we hear that Annie’s Project participants share what they have learned with their spouse. 88% of respondents said that since taking the Annie’s class they’ve shared information with their spouse or farm/ranch partner.

Annie’s Project encourages networking. 59% of respondents said they had contacted a professional regarding agricultural finance issues since taking the Annie’s class. 49% said they’d contacted a professional regarding agricultural legal issues. 46% said they had contacted another Annie’s participant.

The program encourages engagement in other learning and leadership opportunities. 29% of participants said that since taking Annie’s class they have taken other courses about farm/ranch operation. 34% said they had become a member of an agricultural or community group. 25% said they had taken a leadership role in agricultural or community groups.

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