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Conference Name Evaluating Your Estate Plan

Ann Johanns, Kelvin Leibold, Melissa O'Rourke, and Tim Eggers


Evaluating Your Estate Plan (RME-J5H03845) exceeded expectations. The 395 participants at thirteen sites were more than double the number estimated in the proposal. The poster will share evaluation results and best education practices. It will also address the post-grant delivery of the program in Iowa.

It is hoped that the program, or components of the program, will be useful to educators in other states. The entire package of promotional, educational, and evaluation materials is available at the http://extensionrme.org/ funded projects site. The fact sheets developed for the program are posted at http://www.extension.iastate.edu/agdm/wdbusiness.html .

The program used five case studies to illustrate typical situations and stimulate discussion. It is hoped that they will be used to start discussions at home with family members. Exercises were used to reinforce the concepts taught. 34% of participants said the exercises were very useful and 59% said they were useful. 53% of participants said they would use the Terms exercise with heirs and 61% of participants said they would use the Goal Setting exercise with their heirs.

With participants from 80 of Iowa┬┤s 99 counties word of mouth is helping to sustain the program beyond the grant period. Six sites were held in December 2012, and another four sites will be held before the poster is presented. At that point the EYEP team will have delivered as many programs in the eight months after completion of the grant period using a sponsorship model as they promised during the grant period.

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