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Conference Name Annie´s Project I & II: Risk Management Education for Farm Women

Kelly Heckaman and Bryan Overstreet


Because Indiana farm women want to be successful farm business partners, they requested Annie´s Project, a risk management education program to empower farm women to be better business partners, to be offered in new, expanded Indiana sites. Past Annie’s graduates have also requested more in depth information on financial management, commodity marketing and succession planning. The series, Risk Management Education for Farm Women, was created for these graduates. The Purdue Extension Women in Agriculture Team, specialists, and agri-business professionals developed and taught these risk management programs to Indiana farm women and men. Educational programs were delivered to 51 Annie’s Project and 72 Risk Management participants utilizing adobe connect interactive technology. Six months after completing Annie´s Project, ladies successfully implemented new risk management tools into the farm operation such as making changes in insurance policies, having better organized financial and production records for decision making, improved communication skills, and completing farm financial statements. Sixty percent are planning to set 2012 farm production goals.