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Conference Name Annie´s Project in Maryland and Delaware

Jennifer Rhodes



Annie’s Project was conducted for the first time in Maryland and Delaware in 2008. This was the first Annie’s Project in the Northeastern states. Because Maryland’s Eastern Shore and Delaware are one agricultural area, these states collaborated on this workshop. It was conducted January 16-March 5, 2008. The second Annie’s Project class has been scheduled to begin January 14, 2009. This poster will report on the impacts of the workshop.

The workshop followed the basic organization that has been used in other areas of the country. Seven workshop sessions will be held. Main topics for the sessions are: Human Resources and Time Management, Risk Management Overview, Business Planning and Grain Marketing, Computer Use, Computer Programs for Finance and Management, Women and Money, and Topics Chosen by the Participants. The presenters on this proposal are the major workshop teachers. A county family and consumer science educator, an extension IT coordinator, and local farm credit and insurance personnel will also make presentations.

Several results from the program evaluation concluded that 95% of the women would write a farm/marketing plan for their farming operation, 100% felt more competent to complete their farm financial records and 93% would use computers and software to improve their farm efficiency. Quotes from the evaluations included “Gave Power to Farm Women,” and “Annie’s project offered me the chance to grow in my ability to understand our farming operation.” This information and much more will be incorporated into the Annie’s Project poster.