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Conference Name Annie´s Project in Maryland and Delaware

Jennifer Rhodes


Annie’s Project was conducted for the first time in Maryland and Delaware in 2008. The program was offered at one site on the Eastern Shore of Maryland for two years. Seeing the impact and success of Annie’s a grant was written to the NorthEast Center for Risk Management to expand and offer Annie’s Project in Maryland and Delaware at 9 regional sites. This expansion has included 20 collaborators to serve as facilitators and coordinators at these sites. There also was a need to increase communication methods therefore a team wiki was developed for information sharing and the Annie’s Project website was expanded.

The classes cover the 5 areas of risk management. Each site, except one, was conducted simultaneously and had the option of offering their own program or connecting to the home site for presentations to be broadcasted. This allowed sites to bring in local speakers as well as tailor the class to agricultural and educational needs of that region.

The goal is to reach 150 farm women in Maryland and Delaware. The classes will begin in late January 2010 and run through mid March. Past evaluations for Annie’s Project include the following intentions: 70% getting or changing their insurance policy, 65% changing lease or property titles, 96% writing a farm business/marketing plan, 100% using computers and software to improve farm efficiency, 90% checking their credit report, 97% completing farm financial statements and 96% creating or updating their estate plan.