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Conference Name Annie’s Project Level II in Maryland and Delaware: A natural progression

Lynn Little


Farm women are generating a cultural tide in American agriculture as they manage operations, control assets and create opportunities for new farmers across the country. Managing for Today and Tomorrow Annie’s Project Level II focuses on the management processes and decisions needed to make successful transitions. It includes hands-on activities, interaction with local professionals and up to date resources. Participants of all ages and experience levels will practice tasks to increase confidence in setting goals, nurturing effective family conversations, and defining the farm legacy.

Annie’s Project Level II is the next step in Annie’s Project and farm management education. In Maryland, over 350 women have participated in Annie’s Project. Level two targets past participants and other farm and landowners that are making decisions in succession, business, estate and retirement planning. Throughout the Level Two sessions all of these aspects will be combined to form a transition plan. This transition plan will help ensure a farm or ranch continues as productive agricultural business.

In 2013 Maryland and Delaware conducted the inaugural series for Annie’s Level II. Educators were excited for new curriculum as well as to fulfill participants’ interest in expanding education in estate and business planning.


2013 Extension Risk Management Education National Conference