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Conference Name Annie’s Project – Reaching New Audiences

Jennifer Rhodes, Shannon Dill, Jessica Flores, Tracy Wooten, Susan Garey, and Sydney Riggi


Annie’s Project is a nationally recognized and accomplished farm management program for women. It provides education, tools and resources for women in agriculture to gain more knowledge of farm business operations. Annie’s project empowers participants with the knowledge to make educated decisions for their family and future. In 2008, Annie’s Project began in Maryland at one site. In 2010, the project expanded to 10 sites in Maryland and Delaware and in 2015 added a site in Virginia. The program in total has reached 514 participants to date.

With the decline of enrollment of Annie’s Project, the Maryland and Delaware coordinators began to look at new approaches to offer the same curriculum, values and focus but with an emphasis on certain commodities in the Delmarva region.

Annie’ Project: Women Managing New Enterprises was offered in 2015, Annie’s Project: Equine Business Focus was offered in 2016 and in 2017 Annie’ Project: Women Managing Commercial Poultry. All three workshop incorporated the values of Annie’s Project while focusing on certain commodities of interest to farm women. This presentation will summarize the three new program areas of Annie’s Project offered in the MidAtlantic.