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Conference Name Annie´s Project, South Carolina- A unique experience

Jennifer Boyles


Annie’s Project- South Carolina

Annie’s Project is a national educational program dedicated to strengthening women’s roles in the modern farm enterprise with classes currently being taught in 33 states. The program covers risk management training in business planning, financial analysis, legal matters, estate planning and personal development.

In South Carolina, we have delivered 4 very successful programs over the past several years in different geographical areas all across the state.
While women in South Carolina enjoy our less traditional 3.5 day “retreat” style program, it has also enticed women to attend from our neighboring states of Florida, Georgia and North Carolina. All of these women in agriculture come from diverse backgrounds and farming operations and appreciate a peer to peer learning environment with networking opportunities.

Through a variety of creative methods, Annie’s Project addresses the specific needs women often face when managing a farm or farm-related operation, but also grows independent, profitable, female-led agribusinesses in our state.

This unique retreat style format builds relationships that will carry on far beyond the program’s end. We encourage these relationships by providing the South Carolina Women in Agriculture Network that includes our Annie’s Project alumni and other women eager to learn best practices and build viable sustainable agricultural enterprises.

Several of the comments listed on the Annie’s Project program evaluation:

“This was a life changing experience”

“Totally exceeded expectations”

“Best thing I have ever attended”

“I had a life changing weekend with an amazing group of women. I believe everything happens for a reason and I see a whole new future ahead of me.”

“Annie´s Project was an amazing experience both educationally, socially...and personally.”

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