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Conference Name Annie´s Project-Education for Farm Women, Second and Third Level Courses

Ruth Hambleton


Annie’s Project—Education for Farm Women has been around since 2003 when 10 women met for the first Annie’s Project at Kaskaskia Community College in Centralia, Illinois. Since that time the program has grown to 34 states and 10,000 women through a mix of Level I, II and III Annie’s Project programs for farm women. Educators have developed a number of second and third level educational programs based on the needs that are identified by the women attending Level I Annie’s Projects. Second and third level courses are deliberately designed so that it is not a requirement to have attended a Level I Annie’s Project. This feature serves as an important recruitment tool for Annie’s Project as women attending a second level Annie’s Project for the first time hear other women talk about the Level I program. This 30 minute session will share the specific courses that have been successfully delivered including Women Marketing Grain, Women Marketing Livestock, Women Keeping Farm Financial Records, and Managing for Today and Tomorrow. Illinois is developing a program for farm women that covers the topic of crop and livestock insurance. The attending audience will have opportunity to share their experiences with second and third level programs in their states, pick up ideas and resources to take back to their states and share ideas they would like to develop into a program for their Annie’s Project audiences.