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Conference Name Navigating Low Revenue Times

Ruth Hambleton


Farm and ranch women are traditionally the keepers of financial records. As revenues decrease for farm families, women have expressed a desire to know more about interpreting the data they enter. Annie's Project--Education for Farm Women, designed a 12 hour program to meet farm and ranch women needs in Illinois and South Dakota for keeping track of finances and interpreting data traditionally used by the professionals with whom they work. Low revenue times can be stressful for farm and ranch families, and this program gave women a place to share/improve their record keeping and interpretation skills. As the need to contain costs shows up in their records, one of the largest expense can be cash rents. One of four session is devoted to helping women evaluate their farmland leases and tips for lowering cash rent as may be indicated by their records. This presentation will reveal measurable improvements women experienced as a result of the program and Annie's Project methodology of delivery.